The people behind Webttorney.


Our mission is to empower lawyers to have a strong, thriving online presence and to let them focus on the thing they love most: practicing law.

Webttorney is a spin-off of Vitamin Software, an international software consulting company.


Ali Türünz

Research, Belgrade, RS

Ali comes across as thoughtful and calm. Ali knows more about foreign languages and music than you imagine, and he is an excellent judge of character. He has a Ph.D. in Sociology and is the proud father of 2 young boys. In his spare time, Ali‘s practicing the drums and photography.


Ioan Sabău

Legal, Berlin, DE

You'll be surprised to know that he usually smiles when talking about lawsuits. Ioan enjoys untangling legal situations, especially if they are at the intersection of technology and law. He has exacting ethical standards, and his superpower is solving sensitive issues, quietly and efficiently. In his spare time, Ioan enjoys volunteering and traveling.

Radu Tudorie

Designer, Bucharest, RO

Versatile, visual-centric and creative with a keen eye for detail and a passion for new technologies. Radu has been designing and developing digital media, apps and websites for over 10+ years. While talent plays a part in creation, hard work is what distinguishes the end result — and Radu knows it. If you are looking for average, you will have to look somewhere else.

Vladimir Căruntu

Software, Chișinău, MD

As a software developer, Vladimir’s most valuable skill is the ability to quickly get accustomed to and proficient with, any technology and development environment — including other people's source code and bugs. A team player, he readily helps others in trouble, even when it's not his main area of expertise. Vladimir spends his free time fishing or reading. Or both at the same time.


Cătălin Andrei

Co-Founder, Washington DC, USA

Cătălin never ceases to amaze us with the technical solutions that he is able to suggest. He loves working with people and forging deep, long-standing relationships. His perfect day is a mix of client and team meetings, peppered with just a bit of technical work. He is able to untangle any conflict, which is how he has delivered 20+ global projects over the years. He is a loving dad and a wannabe rock climber.

Andrei Ismail

Co-Founder, Bucharest, RO

Andrei enjoys situations that seem impossible. He gets energized by understanding why things are broken when they’re not working properly. He enjoys teaching, but his university tenure wasn’t sustainable — so he uses having a team as an excuse to teach some more. He has a PhD in artificial intelligence and in his free time, he practices martial arts and copywriting.